Tom's Fried Pies  

Welcome to Tom's Fried Pies

Tom's Fried Pies is a locally owned and operated family business that has been serving up the best fried hand pies since 2011 when Mr. Tom opened its doors using a tried and true recipe from his mother, Ms. Lillie. Our dough is made just like Ms. Lillie made it all those years ago, always fresh and hand-rolled, and so are our fruit, meat, and cream pie fillings. Click here to learn more about our story.

Meet Tom, Our Founder

Hi neighbor, my name is Tom.  I would like to extend a humble welcome to Tom's Fried Pie Shop.  Our pies are made from a recipe my Mama used to make pies for me, my twelve brothers and sisters, and for our Coal Miner Daddy's lunch every day. Each whiff of a pie takes me back to childhood and watching Mama fry pies long before the sun came up. In 2016, I retired, and my wonderful daughter Vickie took over the pie shop. To learn more about how Tom's Fried Pies came to be, click here.

What is a Hand Pie?

At Tom's Fried Pies, we specialize in delicious hand pies. What's the difference between a regular pie and a hand pie? It's simple, a hand pie is a slice of pie tweaked so that you can carry it in your hand and eat it on the go. Our hand pies come in 2 sizes and feature a circular piece of dough filled to the brim with yummy fillings and folded over into a half-moon shape before being deep fried to perfection.

Regular Pie

Regular Size

Big Guy Pie

 Big Guy Size

Fruit Pies are made fresh daily. Meat Pies are made to order. 

New Logo, Same Great Pies

We may update things every now and then to stay current, but one thing that will never change is our three-generation strong secret pie recipes. You just don't update perfection!

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We cook all of our pies in peanut oil.