We have fruit pies already made up in the case, but for those folks that like 'em hot, give us about 6 minutes and you can have one special made in your choice of fruit, cream, and even meat fillings.

If you are really hungry we also offer special prices by the dozen!

We will also take orders for your office and parties, just give us a call and you can pick 'em up in an hour.

Our Story

Hi neighbor, my name is Tom. I would like to extend a humble welcome to my Fried Pie Shop. Our pies are made from a recipe my Mama used to make pies for me, my twelve brothers and sisters and for our Coal Miner Daddy's lunch everyday. There weren't many days that she wasn't up before dawn fryin' up fruit pies and mean pies made from leftovers for my Daddy's lunch pail to take to work in the coal mines of Kentucky. Before long my Daddy's fried pies were missing from his lunch pail at the mines. All of the men wanted Ms. Lillie's fried pies and the only way Daddy would get his lunch was for Mama to send enough for the other miners. Eventually the other miners started ordering the pies from my Daddy. So Ms. Lillie started fryin' pies and sellin' them to the miners. Try one of our pies, either fruit, cream, or meat and you will see why.


Fruit Pies are made fresh all day.

Meat Pies are made when you order.

Pies come in two sizes

Regular Pie

Regular Pie

Big Guy Pie

Big Guy Pie

We also have Cole Slaw and Potato Salad for you to enjoy!









No Sugar Added Fruit





Sweet Potato


Chicken and Vegetable

Diced chicken breast in a cream sauce with potatoes, peas, onion, carrots and celery

Beef and Vegetable

Beef in a savory gravy with potatoes, peas, carrots, onion and celery.

Broccoli and Chicken

Diced chicken breast and broccoli in a light creamy sauce with cheese and seasonings.


Mixture of re-fried beans and beef with mild jalapeno seasonings and cheddar cheese.

Pizza Style

Pizza sauce with pepperoni, sausage, and cheese.


Beef, shredded potatoes, onion, mushrooms and cheese in a rich beef base.

We cook all of our pies in peanut oil.