Our Story

Three Generations, One Great Story

Hello neighbor, my name is Tom, and I'm the founder and namesake of Tom's Fried Pies, which I started in 2011 with a recipe developed by my Mama long ago to feed me, my 12 brothers and sisters, and my coal miner Daddy. There weren't many days that she wasn't up before dawn fryin' up fruit pies and meat pies made from leftovers for my Daddy's lunch pail to take to work in the coal mines of Kentucky.  Before long my Daddy's fried pies were missing from his lunch pail at the mines.  All of the men wanted Ms. Lillie's fried pies, and the only way Daddy would get his lunch was for Mama to send enough for the other miners. 

 Eventually, the other miners started ordering the pies from my Daddy, and he would take the orders home to my Mama, Ms. Lillie. So Ms. Lillie started fryin' pies and sellin' them to all the coal miners. Come in and try one of our pies, either fruit, cream, or meat and you will see why for three generations, people can't get enough of our fried pies.

We have fruit pies already made up in the case, but for those folks that like 'em hot, give us about 6 minutes, and you can have one special made in your choice of fruit, cream, and even meat fillings.

If you are really hungry we also offer special prices by the dozen!

We will also take orders for your office and parties, just give us a call and you can pick 'em up in an hour.

Tom hard at work in our former location's kitchen.

A Family Legacy 

Tom with his daughter and current owner of Tom's Fried Pies, Vickie Chapman

In 2016, Mr. Tom retired, and his wonderful daughter, Vickie, took over the reins of the pie shop. She has held true to the time-tested secret family recipes while also expanding Tom's Fried Pies to its current, double-the-size location, as well as making ordering online and for delivery from Tom's Fried Pies available to any and all members of the public. Don't worry about missing Mr. Tom! You can frequently find him drinking coffee and playing checkers with anyone brave enough to take him on at the Pie Shop!

Ms. Lillie

Ms. Lillie holding owner Vickie as a child

The one who started it all! Ms. Lillie was a hard-working mother to Tom and his 12 siblings, a wife, grandmother, sharp businesswoman, and, of course, an amazing cook! We owe her many thanks for our three-generation strong recipes and hope she's smiling down on us.

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